Paulina est professeur de Yin Yoga et thérapeute 

Since I was little, I had the dream to dedicate myself to “something” that I really love and what makes me wake up every morning with enthusiasm, motivation and a big smile. My curiosity first led me to discover the world of fitness at the age of 17. I loved the constant endorphin boost, positive feeling in my body as well as educating my clients and watching their bodies and minds transform. After a quite serious knee accident (and two knee operations as a consequence), I had to say goodbye to jumping on the step and to any sport of impact. 

Yoga appeared in my life organically a bit later, first from a need of the physical body: asanas and slow movements helped me to strengthen the muscles to protect he knee and release some imbalances of my hips and pelvis. Meditation, self inquiry and introspection came later. My curiosity was still piqued and in 2008, after having finished my first massage and acupressure training, I met Kanya, a fantastic Thai woman who came to Poland to offer her Thai massage courses (southern style from Wat Po, Bangkok ).


There I made my first “click”: this bodywork’s approach was wonderful! No aggressive and forceful movements, but a lot of compassion and presence in meditative environment. For the first time, through the touch, I could feel there is much more than just a physical body. 

Since 2011 I started my annual trips to Thailand, especially to Chiang Mai, where I had the great privilege to study with Masters of this style, especially Ajarn Pichet Boonthume and Ajarn Sinchai Sukparset. Practices, meditations and introduction to Buddhist philosophy were and still are a transformative journey. Each teacher is a real source of inspiration, not only about massage therapy but also their beautiful healing energy and perspective and inspirations about life they share. 


During the last 11 years I offered many massage sessions, working daily in my private practice mainly in Barcelona as well as cruises, hotels, eco resorts, retreats and festivals. I loved the fact I could share a therapeutic touch in different environments. I was very passionate about all what I was doing, but I didn’t understand the importance of self care and needed to learn a hard way  In order to cultivate good health and not end up with another “burnout”, I had to learn and pay close attention to maintain the healthy position of my body at all times, learning good self-massage techniques, strengthening exercises, stretching and Vipassana meditation. During the course I share everything  I have learned with you, so that you always enjoy the art of giving and receiving with great joy and without unnecessary efforts and discomforts. In the sessions, regardless of any massage technique applied, it will be passive stretching, acupressure or joint mobilizations, the essential part is the quality of conscious touch, attention and full presence so that you connect with your inner space in the meditative environment.